Mid-Atlantic Cricket Conference
MACC Twenty20 Cricket rules

MACC Twenty20 Cricket Rules

Except as varied here under, MACC rules & MCC laws shall apply.

1. All players will wear colored uniforms & pads (no shorts). A team is allowed only one type of colored uniform at any time on the field. Shirts should be tucked in.

2. The winner of each match will score 2 points. Loser scores 0. Rain draw  in the early round will score 1 point. For tie in a game will be decided by super over. Rain draw will be decided by the rule given below. Each team will be required to provide umpiring services for the some games as scheduled. Each `no-show` of a neutral team umpire will result in a 2 point penalty to his team & $100 umpiring fine to club.
If team umpire is late – not present 15 mins. before the scheduled start time of assigned match, his team will lose 1 point.  If no league umpire is present, the 2 captains will report no-show or lateness of team umpire . Umpire dress code – dark colored shirt &/or coat, dark long pants & closed shoes. (Should be different from fielders).

3. Team lists (11 MACC registered players), Pre-match & Toss rules per MACC rules. The toss shall take place in the presence of at least one official umpire. Toss: 30 –15 mins before scheduled . At least. 7 players ready to play & in view of the umpires. If one team is late, the toss is awarded to team which has 7 players ready 15 mins. before the start..

4. New League-approved white balls will be allowed – (In case a ball gets lost or badly discolored, it may be replaced with a limited use ball – Out of shape, soft, ball will not be allowed). All old balls will be kept by teams after the game.

5. At scheduled  start time(10 am before day light saving and 9:30 AM after ) , if one team is unable to field 7 players, their batting innings is reduced at rate of 1 over for every full 5 Mins. of delay.
If late team is sent into bat, the fielding restrictions are reduced according to overs left, but bowlers are still allowed maximums for 20 overs.
If late team is fielding, they will still bowl 20 overs in 90 Mins. from late start time, but lose overs when batting (as above).
If after 30 minutes of scheduled  start, one side still does not have at least 7 players, the match is forfeit to the other team.
If neither team has a minimum of 7 players as above, the total match is reduced at the rate of 15 overs per hour, providing an equal number to each team in the time now allotted for the match. If a minimum match cannot be played due to both teams being late, both teams shall obtain 0 points.

6. A team causing an unreasonable delay in starting the second innings will face batting innings reductions as in first innings & a fielding team delay to start will mean 6 penalty runs will be added to batting total for every full 5 minutes delay.


7. One innings & 20 six-ball overs max. per team.
15  mins. break between innings & 45 mins. break between matches. 2 matches/day format may be used at some grounds..

8. ICC T20 rules are used for any of the players who are absent or leave the field. (Same as ODI).
No drinks intervals are allowed, but individual drinks at edge of field or at fall of wicket are ok if not a delay of game. Anything else requires umpires permission.

9. The next batsman must be ready at edge of field. He has 1 min. 30 secs. to be ready to face next ball. He will be timed-out upon appeal by fielding side.
Any exchange of batting equipment must take place at fall of wicket or stoppage of play unless clearly damaged during play. Batting helmets must be worn or carried until then.
Fielding equipment brought on the field must be worn/exchanged without delay of game. (Fielding Innings time will normally remain at 4.5 mins. per over).

10. Each side has 90 minutes to bowl 20 overs. First Innings start at 9:30am (finish by 11:00), second innings start by 11:15 AM (finish by 12:45). Or 10 am ( finish by 11:30) , second innings start by 11:45 AM (finish by 1:15 PM).
If after 90 minutes, play is still on due only to slow bowling rate – 6 runs shall be added to batting side total for every full 5 minutes over 90 minutes. (Same rule to apply in 2nd innings). (Umpires – dont count injuries, lost ball or any other reasonable delay). Record these & subtract off match time after innings. (If overs are reduced, the reduced number must also be bowled at the normal rate of 4.5 mins. per over or if over allotted time, above penalty will apply).
The umpires shall inform the fielding captain re. available time. If batting team is all out before the cut-off time, no over rate penalty will apply. As soon as a team batting second has a total of runs & penalty runs, which exceed the first batting teams score, the team batting second wins the match.

11. Bowlers are restricted to a maximum – 4 overs each. In a delayed or interrupted match not caused by penalty to a team, no bowler may bowl more than 1/5 of overs allowed at re-start of play. (+ 1 – if needed) – per ICC rules. Normal rules are used if a bowler cannot complete an over.
ANY bouncer over shoulder = No ball – no free bouncer at any time.
Note: After a foot fault No-Ball, whichever batsman is facing gets a free hit per ICC rules. During a free hit, a batsman can be out only per No-ball rules, even if free hit is called wide. No field changes are allowed for free-hit ball unless there is a different striker. Signal to scorers is – extend 1 arm up over head & move it in circular motion. If free-hit ball is a no-ball/wide, repeat procedure.
Call wides strictly – per ODI rules. (Note: A ball pitching/full toss outside the leg stump & missing a batsman on his leg side when standing in a normal batting position at the crease will be called Wide). The batsmans leg side is determined as presented to bowler before the delivery. (Note: Batsman cannot create a wide).

12. Max. 5 fielders on Leg side at any time. Only the 30 yd circle area is used for fielder restrictions. The following fielding restrictions apply to first 6 overs of full innings of both innings & per chart below. Max. 2 fielders outside (ODI) 30 yd area. For overs (7 – 20) max. 5 fielders outside 30 yd area.
For teams with less than 11 fielders, 30 yd circle must be filled first. For example; if 9 fielders – none outside 30 yd circle for 1st 6 overs. From (7 – 20 overs) max. 3 outside 30 yds.
(Sq. leg umpire will call & signal No ball for fielder violations). Head umpire must relay signal to scorers.

13. ICC Reduced overs: (For both teams). (Use closest whole Nos. if interruptions).
Total overs: Field restriction overs(FROs)

Total overs: FROs
5 – 8                      2

15 – 18                  5
9 – 11                    3

19 – 20                  6
12 – 14                  4

14. Weather/exceptional delays will mean a loss of 1 over per 8 full minutes loss of playing time from each team, during the 1st innings & 1 over per 4 full minutes loss of play during the 2nd innings. (The rate is 15 overs per hour per ICC).

15. A minimum of 12 overs for each team shall constitute a match unless either side is dismissed in less or 2nd batting side wins in less. During the 1st innings, the umpires will wait at least 120 minutes & decide whether a minimum match is possible.
ALL MATCHES IN PLAYOFF MUST HAVE A RESULT. IF SCORES ARE TIED (irrespective of number of wickets lost) at the end of full match, the Super Over will be used to end the tie.

Rules of super over(Applicable to all games)

1). Each team decides a bowler to bowl and three batsmen to bat during one over named as the super over. The same ball used in the match will be used in super over.

2). The team batting second in the match will bat first in the super over.

3). Team A will score some runs in the first over and team B needs to chase it successfully to win the match. In case, it is unable to chase, team A wins.

4). In case scores are level, the team hitting maximum sixes in the match will win. If its also same, the teams with maximum fours win the match.

5) In case two wickets fell, it is counted as all-out and the total made before loosing the wicket is final.

6) About field restrictions: No field restrictions are used which means the field setting are same as the non-power play overs. So, 5 fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. Fielder in catching position is not required.

16. A player can play for ONLY ONE TEAM . Failure to comply with this rule will result in a one game suspension for the team captain and a forfeit of the game by the offending team.

17. MACC  rules will apply where applicable.

18. All up-to date schedule, scores, points and notice will be posted on the website.